Pastor John Argubright
John Argubright

John Argubright is the Lead Pastor of Christ's Bible Church. His seminary education includes a Bachelors of Theology, Masters of Divinity, and a Doctorate in Ministry. He also started the popular website ministry BibleHistory.net back in1999 which has now recieved over 2.5 million visitors.

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John has also authored five Christian books including one of the best series on Bible proofs entitled; 'Bible Believer's Archaeology.' The books are widely used by Pastors, Bible Studies, Sundays Schools as well as Evangelistic outreaches.



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Christ's Bible Church is a new startup and is currently meeting at a house church. We are not affilliated with any denomination. This church started because of the lack of Biblically sound churches in our area. So if you are a Bible believing Christian, come help us grow. You are the Church.

Serving LaSalle, Peru, Oglesby, Utica, Spring Valley, Ottawa, Mendota